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A delicate balance

We're not just building structures; we're creating a lifestyle

We decided on the word 'bespoke' because we want our clients to be able to have the ability to let their design ideas evolve. Thinking 'outside the box' can be daunting and visualising the end result can be hard but we are here to support you all the way through. We want each stage of your build to be a considered move; working within a client's budget, committing to our sustainability ethos and all without compromising on longevity, quality and style. Like nature, it's a delicate balance but our passion and commitment speaks for itself.


Where it started

A dilapidated garden shed stood in a courtyard garden. It had lasted a good 20 years and housed a lifetime of memories, unused items and garden tools. The courtyard setting had potential, it was crying out to be 'more'. We saw the potential immediately and our designing began. Our clients needed storage for garden & household items but they also wanted a potting area and potentially a space for the pizza oven or BBQ - can we create something that ticks all those boxes...?


The process

The answer is simple; yes. Design something beautiful but make sure it's functional and practical. From initial hand-drawn designs and scale drawings through to the final stages, it is the client's needs that remain in focus throughout.


The Result

The 'Little Barn' was born. A place to sit and enjoy a coffee in the afternoon sun or a barbecue with friends. An internal garden shed with clever, hidden storage and a striking Pippy Oak worktop. It is a stunning, unique build that surpassed our client's expectations. 


What our clients had to say...

"After years of debating what to replace our tired, old shed with, we approached Nature Barn to design and build us a small, utilitarian barn mainly to provide space for a new shed and a covered storage area which would be double up as a potting shed. What we ended up with has turned out to be so much more - and we couldn't be more pleased with it! Nick came up with excellent and creative suggestions along the way while still taking our ideas into consideration. His attention to detail and passion for his work shone through and he never complained once when we wanted to add or change anything. We now have a beautiful and useful 'Little Barn' showcasing some fantastic materials and extra features that make it completely bespoke and all at a very reasonable price."

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